German Languagefile ("Du")

Date 2002/1/15 15:27:37 | Topic: News

Dear Community,

After reading some forum entries where (I think especially) the german community was upset bout this special licence for posting the language files, I decided to quick-translate the language files for you.
This is the german "DU" Version with (not that mixing Du/Sie feature!!) a correct grammar and spelling (my personal opinion). I also excluded the "un-substanives" we all knew from former translations: (all p.nuke-CMS were buggy in this way. E.g.: Haupt Einstellungen, Administrations Menu) Hopefully this will help you all! Greetings from Germany MosesTycoon P.S.: Uuups, the link: Watch out here and don't forget to watch your specific theme for further translationfiles... (I can't translated all themes)

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