fmContent version 1.02 RC2

Date 2011/4/8 11:27:07 | Topic: Modules

We have ready fmContent module version 1.02 RC2 for test and debug .

fmContent is a new version of content module by ForMuss, and we have added some other options in this version . It's a simple module for building static and dynamic pages in your website .

Please help us to test this version. We would like release it ASAP, after successful testing.

You can download this version from here

changelog :

- Rename module from forcontent to fmcontent (For Muss content)
- Fix RSS bug (formuss)
- Add topic name to URL (formuss - voltan)
- Fix pdf and print file URL (formuss)
- Edited backend.php for use this module RSS (Voltan)
- Improve Queries (Voltan)
- Add function for update user posts after add or delete or change status (Voltan)
- Submit page in user side (Voltan)
- Improve templates(Voltan)
- Add some config options for print page (Voltan)
- Set check permissions in pdf and print pages (Voltan)
- Fix some bugs and improve block templates (Voltan)
- Add option for add title to menu title and Meta Keywords and Meta Description whit ajax in submit page (Voltan)

- Add topic (Voltan)
- Complate menu system (Voltan)
- Add tag module support (Voltan)
- Add Comment support (Voltan)
- Improve templates and design (Voltan)
- Support XOOPS search (Voltan)
- RSS (Voltan)
- Add Bookmark whit show/hide option (Voltan)
- Add facebook/twitter/Google buze shear logo (Voltan)
- Add some options for show/hide information in user side (Voltan)
- Advertisement (Voltan)
- improved blocks (Voltan)
- Attach image whit some view options(Voltan)
- hits (Voltan)
- Permission system (Voltan)
- Default content for each topic (Voltan)
- adjusted Admin GUI to XOOPS Standard Module GUI (mamba)

Original release (For Muss)

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