HTML5 theme for XOOPS

Date 2011/4/1 18:38:49 | Topic: Themes

Do you know about HTML5 ? Do you like it? If yes then we have good news for you .

We have a new theme with HTML5 for XOOPS. This theme is developed based on Suico theme structure and SmashingMagazine HTML5 template

Original Image

This design is done by: Enrique Ramirez (According to old design of SmashingMagazine website )

You can read more informition about this design in this article : Coding A HTML 5 Layout From Scratch

and see live demo here: demo

To download this theme, please use this link: Download

I've added new template for news module (news_item.html) with HTML5 and in fmContent module I've added full HTML5 template (download fmContent )

Please tell us your idea about HTML5. Do you plan migration to this version?

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