Membership 1.06 - Groups shopping cart

Date 2011/3/30 8:10:00 | Topic: Modules

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Membership 1.06
Membership maintence and groups shopping cart!
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Membership is a module which maintains your user groups for paid access through XPayment to your website. You can set which groups people are to expire from and expired to as well as groups you can purchase access to. It is complete with permission and is a basic Groups Cart for XOOPS 2.x.

This module utilzes other module, these modules are XPayment and Profile. This means you will need to have these modules installed as well to use this module. There is also a cron in the modules folder you can find the file in /modules/membership/cron and should be set to run at least once a day. But it doesn't matter how oftern you run it.

Bugs Fixed:
  • Editor not saving in admin
  • Editor not loading in admin
  • Title and description not saving on new package in admin
  • Xpayment plugin WSDO

Download: = 48Kb
Bugs & Comments: ... id=337656#forumpost337656


Thanks to Jochen from for reporting the editor not saving bug in version 1.05

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