X-Forum 5.75

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X-Forum 5.75
Multifielded Forum with Extras, Multisite & Multilingual
Sponsored by PA Fly Fish

X-Forum is a completely extensible forum module for XOOPS, this is the complete stable release of the first version of 5 series, it includes multiple fields specifiable per post on individualized forums much like profile module.

Designed for XOOPS 2.4 and later version, it was written in response to problems with earlier forum titles, that had in some cases installation issues. With a broad range of options. X-Forum is a great solution to your forum requirements, complete with RSS Features and image management. It will utilise a wide range of options and allow your community to discuss issues, raise topic and solution. Complete with .htaccess example and SEO with a medium URL.

It has the ability to aggregate categories and forums to languages as well as domains with multisite 1.40 or X-Language. This means you can have forms and forum which only display on particular domains or under certain languages.

With X-Forum you can have all the convenience of the modular newbb path without the result. Based on CBB with a sound environment that even your grandma can use, I know mine does this is solid stuff coming directly to you under GNU Licenses.

Complete with Easy Path SEO Guide and help in the preference, you can even with some simple SQL Injections transfer your old CBB 2.x or 3.x over to X-Forum with ease. NOTICE!!! The .htaccess has changed since version 4.70!! - this is included in the /docs path of the archive.

We would like to thank PA Fly Fish for developing a bug list and paying for the module to be bug free for the entire community, it take commitment from my end users to make sure these titles are completely bug free. PA Fly Fish have ensured the forum under SEO is completely bug free finally. The .htaccess has changed since 5.72 there should be no more changes after this one.

Refactory Done:
  • No More Art Object - XOOPS 3.0 Compatible *
  • TCPDF - Used for PDF Generation
  • Multisite Support
  • X-Language/Multilingual Mode

Bugs Fixed:
  • No View for Admin of Pending Posts
  • No View for Admin of Deleted Posts
  • PageNav postioning and Post number hightlight
  • .htaccess Bugs (Jumpbox, Main Options, Quick Reply + All Others)
  • WSDO for view forum ctrl+bug
  • WSOD for Block Last topic
  • Extra Fields Missing From Compact Display
  • Old Social Network Adds Removed
  • PDF Output now available

Download Now: xoops2.5_xforum_5.75.zip (6.1 MB)
Demo Now: http://xoops.demo.chronolabs.coop

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