Adslight 1.11

Date 2011/3/1 17:50:00 | Topic: Modules

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Adslight 1.11
Advertising Shop & Sales Cart with XPayment

Adslight is a module that allow your clients of your website to list advertisements for items for sale, exchange or barter. It has an XPayment implementation that allows for people to both pay for items in the category it is assigned to or advertisements themselves charged on a day by day fee to the expiry date.

Complete with permissioning system and multiple language translation this is continued work by XOOPS France to continue this product to support the functionality of the new platforms available. You can charge itemised categories a day to expiry fee based on currency and function of the module with XPayment (See XPayment 1.22).

New Features:
  • Payment for Advertisments
  • Payment for Items
  • Categories base permission on sales and costage

Bug Fixes:
  • Description Doesn't Save
  • No Image Upload After Payment
  • No Image Upload Without Payment

Download: [url=[/url] - 848Kb

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