Upgraded to Xoops 2.5

Date 2011/2/24 19:01:24 | Topic: YAXS

I am very happy to announce the upgrade of, a website community for fly fishing anglers in the Pennsylvania and surrounding region of the United States.

The website was established in 1995 and originally implemented Xoops in 2006. The site is fairly busy with about 7,000,000 pageviews and 600,000 visits a year. The site was centered around SmartSection for a blog and CBB for the forum. The site had been on Xoops for quite a number of years.

A special thanks to Simon Roberts (Wishcraft) for his work on upgrade and migration of the site and data to Xoops 2.5. Not an easy task with a 245,000 posts in the forum and 1,000,000 PM's stuck in the DB.

The new and upgraded modules implemented with Xoops 2.5:
X-Forum 5.71
X-center 2.13
Xpayment 1.28
SmartSection 2.15
SmartObject Framework version 1
User Profile 1.6
Protector 3.4
Tag 2.3
Xortify 2.29
Private Messaging 1.05
Robot Manager 2.65

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I have been a long time member (lurking mostly) of the Xoops community and big fan of all of you that support what is going on here. I have not posted because I am not a programmer, but want to thank all those that have been active because I have used all this information to keep my site going the last several years.

Over the next few months I will be working on a new theme and templates to give the site a new and more contemporary look.

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