Xortify 2.26

Date 2011/2/16 2:00:00 | Topic: Modules

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Xortify - Fortify your XOOPS.

IMPORTANT: We have depreciated the xortify.com domain for the moment and are uses our blade server at chronolabs.coop for a stable run. Please This is an Imperative Update.

Xortify is a network security drone that uses Web 2.0 techniques to link between your XOOPS installs and other via a XML Cloud. This will prevent security intrusions to your xoops with accurate deceptive notation of the intruder and prevent any farmed attacks. It is an accessory and required Protector to be installed an running to be part of the hookup. Otherwise it will run without protector just make sure you deselect protector as a provider.

It will display a template if you are banned and is an accessory to protector or any other firewall technology. The site itself is driven from www.xortify.com .. Cloud computing is web 2.0/3.0 stuff it used a SOAP XML exchange backend to work, this will eventually be included in xoops as a support class, that is SOAP protocol.

A cloud computing process is one which staggers multiple networks sometime and mainly unknown to the webmaster into a network or cloud of data. In this example it is IP and Netaddy names to control access lists.

This will prevent predators from exposing your network to lag and other attacks from link farming, often this means many xoops are attacked in occasions which is all the time caught by protector, this way if an attack is in process across a large spectrum of links, your site will down itself to your sourced attack even if it is discovered on a completely unaffiliated site that is link farmed to yours or on a XOOPS User list.

Whats New in this feature
  • Uses Blade Service
  • Polls via SOAP
  • Polls cia cURL
  • Polls via JSON and FOpen

Download: xoops2.5_xortify_2.26.zip

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