Xpayment 1.15 (alpha)

Date 2011/1/15 5:14:53 | Topic: Modules

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Xpayment 1.15 (alpha)
Modular Gateway and Modular Modules for Payment Transactions

Xpayment is a module that allows you to write customised payment gateways, as well as having modular hooking stratum in the module with a second plugin section for modules and responses to invoices. This is an early alpha, the admin hasn't be written yet.

Some of the current features include:
  • Plugin Gateway systems (Paypal Included)
  • Modular Plugin and Action hook
  • Easy Form Post from any module
  • Itemised invoicing
  • Multicurrency
  • Tax Itemisation

Remember this is an early alpha, we will have the admin done soon.

Download: xoops2.5_xpayment_1.15.zip

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