Xoopscart new improved version V0.3 released!

Date 2002/12/15 14:55:23 | Topic: Modules

Original Imagemyxoopscart V0.3 (December 2002)
Anyone who had troubles with the old versions and the tricky absolute and relative paths should read on and give it try!
For xoops RC3, adapted by Gert Schmidt, gert@schmidt-webinfo.de, www.backnang-online.info
MyCart was designed by Christopher Ostmo of Rosenet Internet Services. myxoopscart uses MyCart code with minor modifications. Special credits to Masakazu Nakano [n-mack@md.neweb.ne.jp] for his precious help, especially for his contribution on:
- support for RC3 automatic DB installer / uninstaller
- support for xoopsDB function
- support for multilanguage
- complex directory directive point fixed
He is presently the only one, out of over 1000 people, who downloaded this module on different sites AND contributed his time and knowledge to make this module a better one. Thanks!

V 0.2 to 0.3
- support for RC3 automatic DB installer / uninstaller
no more hazzle on wrong paths and manual editing
- support for xoopsDB function
completely integrated in xoopsDB including the db prefix
- support for multilanguage (partly finished)
japanese, english, german
- complex directory directive point fixed
should enable anybody to install this module hazzlefree. The picture uploadfunction should work on most installations without problems.
- Most of these changes originate from Masakazu Nakano [n-mack@md.neweb.ne.jp] which was so kind to contribute in an efficient manner.

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