Doček Nove godine is redesigned

Date 2010/11/1 3:40:00 | Topic: YAXS

Doček Nove godine (New Year in Belgrade, Serbia) is redesigned.

The main goal of Doček Nove godine is to collect all new year party events in Belgrade (Serbia), and travel agency offers for traveling outside Serbia for holidays.

Last year we had huge interest for our website, so we consider it and redesign it.

There are many events for New Year in Belgrade, and some of them are in clubs, restaurants, on the river or in big halls.

Redesign is based on Xoosla theme.

Modules used on Doček Nove godine:
- Publisher (cloned 3 times)
- Xoops Care
- xForms
- Planet
- Content (by ForMuss)

Enjoy it, and visit Belgrade for New Year eve. There are a lot of events for everyone. Belgrade is famous of it's nightlife.

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Visit Doček Nove godine and it's New Year events.

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