xNews v1.71 (RC) UTF-8 SEO is Out!!

Date 2010/10/31 7:10:00 | Topic: XOOPS

xNews v1.71 (RC) UTF-8 SEO

- Changed Frameworks/tcpdf/config/tcpdf_config.php with voltan's patch
Instead of getting default tcpdf header image and info now you get xoopsroot/images/logo.png and
$xoopsConfig['slogan']); and $xoopsConfig['sitename']);
- Modified xnews/makepdf.php to reflect above changes
- Changed old SEO samples with fixed working ones in xnews/docs/seo-samples
- Fixed Missing tags variable in class.newsstory.php store function
Fixes new news submit issue
- Renamed and deleted xnews/extra/modules/tag content
now only fixed xnews.php plugin and index.html should be there
Fixes Tags not working issue reported by beduino
- Deleted some unneccessary files
- Fixed smaller issues
- Added new options in preferences
- Display attached PDF - If enabled attached pdf files will be displayed in the article page.
- Actvate PDF plugin detection - If enabled this will affect client side browser not to show
PDF iframes if PDF browser plugin is not installed. Works together with Display attached PDF.
- Display attached images - If enabled attached images will be displayed in the article page.
- Modified /language/xxxx/modinfo.php to reflect new additions
- Added new options in submit page.
- Image Display Rows
- PDF Display Rows
- Modified /language/xxxx/admin.php to reflect new additions
- Added a javascript function to detect adobe reader.
- Fixed backend.php outputting html tags.
- Added thumb creation on attaching image files
- Added thumb_maxwidth, thumb_maxheight in preferences
- Modified /language/xxxx/modinfo.php to reflect new additions
- Fixed SEO htaccess file in root level not working with clones - always redirected to xnews
- changed samples in docs

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