x-vmail module for voice email released

Date 2002/12/2 2:10:18 | Topic: Modules

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This is a xoops module using the java applet provided by www.vimas.com (Vimas Technologies).
Basically the module enables voice emails to be recorded and sent via browser without downloading a voice email application. It is powered by a very small java applet. It works on IE. Netscape, Mozilla browsers (may be others too, but I have not tested). The receiver of the applet gets an email message without attached file. In fact by opening the email, the servers streams the audio file in real time in a very efficient way and good quality.
You can try x-vmail here : http://www.backnang-online.info/modules/x-vmail/

and download it there :
http://www.backnang-online.info/modul ... 10&orderby=titleA&show=10

Supportforum in english, french, german:
http://www.backnang-online.info/modul ... /viewforum.php?forum=12&1

x-vmail written for xoops RC3, adapted by Gert Schmidt, gert@schmidt-webinfo.de, www.backnang-online.info

The vmail applet was designed by Vimas Technologies http://www.vimas.com.

I wish to thank here for all the help provided by Vimas Technologies. They are nice people.

x-vmail uses the Vimas applet code with no modifications in the trial version where the recorded voicemail time is limited to 20 seconds. The full version is available from Vimas Technologies. Please inquire there for further details.

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