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Date 2010/7/29 19:00:00 | Topic: Themes


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The above is actually a screenshot of Inspire 9 Premium. But the interface differences between two versions are small.


1. Texture-styled theme: Textures have been in fashion for some time. However there are limited numbers of XOOPS themes that are texture-styled. I create this theme to “make up” for this (hopefully
2. Compatible with IE 7+ / Firefox 2+ / Opera 10+ / Chrome 5+
3. Slideshow included (manual configuration)
4. 3 columns supported (left/center/right)


Yes, there will be a premium version. It will be available very soon, I promise! If you purchase Inspire 8 Premium, you can enjoy 20% off of Inspire 9 Premium.

Download & Demo

You know, old place.

License and Misc

Since XOOPS is licensed under GPL 2.0, This theme is also licensed under GPL 2.0. To be specific, theme.html is Licensed under GPL 2.0. Although you are allowed to remove the credit in the footer, I would be really appreciate it if you preserve that. CSS files have their specific licenses and can be viewed in the source code. There are two images in the slideshow example. They are licensed under CC 3.0. If you would like to continue using them, please do not remove the credits in the description. Of course, you are free to remove the images. Other images are licensed under GPL 2.0.

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