2 new free themes: BlueWood and XOOPS_Tropical

Date 2010/4/8 21:10:00 | Topic: Themes

Today, I've released 2 brand new XOOPS themes, which are called “BlueWood” and XOOPS_Tropical.

Here is a screenshot of both of them:
Original Image
Original Image

If you want to visit a demo of these themes, you can visit our new demo site on http://www.nightquest.me/demo/xoops.

You can download both of these themes on our website: http://www.nightquest.me/downloads/xoops (you will have to visit our site, because our scripts don’t allow direct linking).

These two themes have been created by using Artisteer and have been ported to XOOPS afterwards. I am currently writing a tutorial about how to accomplish this and I should be able to port it later this week (after all of my birthday stuff is done).

Have a nice day and I hope you’ll like these themes,


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