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Date 2010/4/2 15:58:46 | Topic: Modules

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TDM is pleased to announce you the release of TDMDownloads 1.5!

We have gone from version 1.1 directly to version 1.5 because I made a lot of changes and bug fixes. The module is now faster and consume fewer resources.

List of bugs:

- The display sub-categories in "viewcat.php" does not work.
- Loss of many language definitions for the file : ratefile.php.
- Fixed import system.
- You could get downloads awaiting validation with their ids in "singlefile.php.
- The categories were not viewed as a tree in the file "search.php".
- Fixed file "search.php".
- Pages ‘s title were not working when we were in sub-categories.
- When editing a download or a file, if the logo was no longer exists, the logo : "blank.gif" doesn’t become the default".
- Errors in language files.
- In the preferences, if you set '0 ' as the number of new downloads on the homepage, all downloads were displayed
Bug on display mode while redirections in the admin section.

List of improvements

- Performance Module (the number of request has decreased by 5).
- The pages titles has been modified to improve the ranking.
- Adding a permissions to download files. (2 types).
- Adding permissions to auto-approve the proposals for download.
- The display of categories in admin has been reviewed.
- Permissions can be set creating a category.
- You can now set manually the date of update, (allowed in the edit mode and for only administrators).
- When creating or editing, you can choose whether the download is approved (only administrators).
- The display of downloads page is modifiable only by admin side.
- Empty fields are not displayed.
- The file "search.php" has been completely redesigned to improve its speed.
- Ability to protect downloads (impossible to download with a direct link). See the tab 'About' in the administration module.
- Added a stylesheet for templates.
- Added a “Donation Button” working only with Paypal.


- Adding the suffix "cat_" in all fields of the table "tdmdownloads_cat.
- See the file "lang_diff.txt" for changes in language.


The module was tested with Xoops 2.3.x and cannot run on a 2.0.x

Languages :

Available in French, English, Arabic, Persian and German.

Important Information:

The future version 1.6 will have new templates and will be only compatible with XOOPS 2.5.

Module Link:

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