The XOOPS 2.5 Team wins 2008/2009 "Marcello Brandao XOOPS Innovation Award"

Date 2010/3/22 6:30:00 | Topic: XOOPS

The voting for 2008/2009 "Marcello Brandao XOOPS Innovation Award" has been closed, and the results are in:
  1) The XOOPS 2.5.0 Development Team: 32% of votes Nicolas Andricq (ForMusS), Cointin Maxime (kraven30), and GrĂ©gory Mage (Mage) 2) Herve Thouzard (Hervet): Oledrion: 13% of votes 3) Ricardo Costa (Trabis): MyTabs, MyComments: 9% of votes 3) Laurent JEN (DuGris): XOOPS Installer: 9% of votes Congratulations to the Winners and our big "Thank you" for their contributions!!!! As well as to all of the other "XOOPS Innovator" winners, and everybody else who contributes to XOOPS. "Powered by You" is more than just a slogan for us - the XOOPS Project and this community is truly as successful as it is ONLY thanks to your contributions and your support!

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