16800 preset variants in one theme by IXThemes

Date 2010/3/20 6:10:00 | Topic: Themes

Dear Friends!
We offer you a new FREE theme ixt00200 with 'multiskin' property.
ixt00200 FREE XOOPS theme
You can operate a kind of your site on FTP through a "magic" file of options (assigns.html).
1200 preset variants for everyone skin! You impresses?
To change one skin to another to you there is enough in a file /themes/'themename'/tpl/assigns.html to replace a line <{assign var=ixt_fixskin value=""}> an <{assign var=ixt_fixskin value="'skinname'"}> You can download also any skin for ixt002xx theme rel.#2.6. The size of a skin package usually 200 - 300 kB.
Now in ixt002 Theme Framework 14 themes are created. You can download any theme and add skins necessary for you.

Best regards, IXThemes Project

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