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Date 2010/3/12 22:00:00 | Topic: Modules

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Content 2.40
XOOPS Version : 2.4.4 / 2.5.X

It’s a new content module with multilingual support. It is a totally renewed and the entire source is rewritten and completely restructured.


  • Multilingual support that is based on the installed system languages
  • UTF-8 Support for whole system
  • Define categories
  • RSS - Completely system
  • Inheritable blocks – Define and insert blocks on pages
  • PDF Support
  • Printer friendly
  • Add this social bookmarks supportv[li]Written by function
  • Breadcrumb
  • Tagging support
  • Comments rules
  • Xoops permissions system - Basic , Intermediate, Advanced
  • Editors – FCKeditor, Plain Text, TinyMCE, DHTML form with xcode
  • CKeditor (Not fully support yet, but would be )
  • Predefined templates – Could define templates to load when writing new pages
  • Page password possibility
  • URL redirection
  • Sub menu support
  • Publish date and expiration date support

Module supports:
  • Multisite 1.40
  • Xlanguage 3
  • Tag 2.3

This is a totally new module and therefore this is not an upgrade to the old content module!

Content is a module that allows you to store content on pages in multilingual fashion. This means a story could have one id but depending on what language is being used by x-language the content allows for multiple languages to be specified per page. Without the endless [en]English[/en][no]Norwegian [/no].

It also has support for the tagging module for Xoops so you can have pages with tags in them (Plugin Provided). On top of this we also provide the plugin for sitemap module and several other files; the other files also include TCPDF for PDF Support, the Xoops editor fckEditor this is provided for legacy support on content.

It has sharethis codes for content as well as RSS contextual feeds for data on the content. The software is available in two licenses Single and Multisite installed licenses.

Price: $49.95 USD

You can purchase this as an order download from

Developed by cooperation of
Wishcraft and Ptomter
Chronolabs Frilogg

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