"Send Me": a new module for communication and contact form

Date 2010/2/18 0:40:00 | Topic: Modules

“Send me", a new and unique module by onasre , one of the programmers in Arabxoops community.

Below, some of the module's specifications:
1 – Emails are stored in the database, also the replies.
2 – Senders get a track number to follow-up replies to their messages.
3 - Senders define the the priority of the message
4 - spam blocker or captcha
5 – Counter number :to count the number of characters left in the message
6 - User can attach a file

Also, there are lot of special features for the admin :
1- When the admin login to the administration area he get an java alert to inform him with the number of new messages.
2 - new messages are characterized by green color and new icon
3 – Readable messages are characterized by a light color
4 – Admin can directly reply to a message just by clicking on the reply link, also he can keep the reply,and both messages and replies are stores in the Mysql.
5 - Admin can delete a message or a particular response
6 – Everytime the sender make a reply , the admin will get an alert message
7 - Statistics on the number of readable/ unreadable messages and the number of responses for each/all question

From the module Panel, Admin can:
1 - determine the length of message by a number of a certain characters
2 - Determine the number of messages in each page in the administration
3 – Disable/ Enable Spam Killer
4 - Write a header and the footer at the bottom of the Contact Us page.( Benefit to set conditions to contact you)
5 - Use dhtml editor
6 – Fix an auto reply
7 - Disable/ Enable attaching a file. And determine the size and the allowed mimetypes
8 - Select the size box of the contact us according your theme’s dimensions

The module contains one block :Contact Us with captcha.. To put the Contact Us page at any place and not restricted only in the module page.

The module is free, and don’t hesitate to contact mr Onasre in case you find any bugs.


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