PopnupBlog ver3.25 released

Date 2010/1/12 14:10:00 | Topic: Modules

The PopnupBlog is multi user Blog module made by www.bluemooninc.biz . You can upload easily with user message and attach automatically! (Thumbnail too.) And also you can post via email with attached files!! You can post several times a day.

- User can own several blogs. Admin can set a max blogs.
- User can edit blogs information. Category, Title, Email, etc.
- Support categories. Admin can make categories. User can chose it.
- Support list view mode. With or without contents, Category filter, Page controller.
- Support VOTE mode. You can vote yes or no and see it by ranking chart.
- Supported mailing list. It can set a ML posting address as each blog.
- Trackback and RSS feed.

Download: click here

CAUTION!!! Database table has been changed.
If you update from v2.5x, Login as admin and run XOOPS_URL/modules/popnupblog/admin/sqlupdate.php by browser.

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