TDMAds 1.0 (Commercial Module)

Date 2010/1/10 22:20:00 | Topic: Modules

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TDMAds 1.0

TDM is glade to present you TDMAds, a new ads and listing module.A completely modular module, each category can have its own custom form.

Module features :

Ads or listings:

- The Location Services with google map to be compatible with all countries.
- The major advantage is to create and personalize ads forms witch is not exisit in any module except TDMDownloads from our friend Mage (^_^).
- Display using ajax.
- 3 kind of payment for the seller: check, paypal or cash.
- A quick contact form with the seller either by PM or Email.
- Possiblity to have from 1 to 6 images, but the system may provide an unlimited number of images.
- Possibility to choose currency.

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Catégories : - A full Management of categories and sub-categories. - Categories can have a description, weight and image. - Select categories from additional fields. - A clear display for the admin side . Exra fields : - extra fields categories - extra fields (Text, Radio Button, Select and Multiselect) Blocks : - Recent Ads - Random Ads Miscellaneous: - Favorite Ads - Abuse - Ability to use Tell a Friend module (if you have it installed) with the link tell a friend in the module - A very simple and friendly use Admin System - Permissions System Maybe I lost to talk about many other options in the module, so the easiest way to get an expended idea is to see the demo. Module Information : - The module is tested with Xoops 2.4.x and can not run on a 2.0.x ... - Available in French, English and Arabic. - Price 110€ A big thank you to the following persones: Mariane for her translate in english and arabic, and Nikita to her tests and ideas
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Module links : Downloads | Support (only purchaser) | Demo

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