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Date 2010/1/4 7:40:00 | Topic: YAXS

Are you sick of all the craigslist spam and scam emails you receive every time you post? So were we. So the team at has just launched a new Colorado local free classified ads site with several levels of protection that craigslist is lacking, using Xoops and jlmzone's classifieds module. (

1) The site has an internal messaging system and you can choose private messaging for responses so your email address doesn't even have to be involved. It's your choice.
2) Users have to be logged in on a verified account to respond. (Registration is free.)
3) Our secure forms protect your email address from spam robots. Your email is never shown. Just a secure form.

Posting on a local site is much safer than posting on a national site like craigslist or kijiji. Our team is watching for scammers and spammers. The site even has a built-in security system running in the background to detect and block spam and hacking attempts before they happen.

Check out the picture of the ad response form below. Anyone can see that this is an improved system. You can add up to 12 photos per ad. You have control over all the advanced features of your ad like how long the ad runs, etc. 1164 COLORADO LOCAL categories and counting. Join us today!

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