Inspire 4 5 and 6 Are Released!

Date 2009/12/31 12:20:00 | Topic: XOOPS

The long Christmas holiday makes me lazy. I very much enjoy designing; coding is just fine but debugging and writing documents are what I hate. So during the holidays I have finished a lot of themes but none of theme have been debugged and documented. That’s basically what kept me busy after the holiday.

Anyway, I’ve finished the following themes: Inspire 4 5 and 6. Among them, Inspire 4 was actually debugged before Christmas and I wanted to release it as a Christmas gift. However, I didn’t feel like writing the release note, so it was kept in my hard disk during the holiday. Inspire 5 and 6 are finished during the holiday.
Anyway, I decide to release these three themes and conclude the Inspire Project. The reason for termination is that I don’t think the existence of the project makes much sense any more. I create the project to bring fresh and new designs for XOOPS community and as time goes on, I find out the bottle neck is not the design of the theme but the architecture.

XOOPS has a very awesome theme framework: Mor.Pho.GEN.e.sis (I’ll use “MORPH” for short). Kris, the creator, is very kind to demonstrate some new features of MORPH 3.10. I thinks the framework should be fully taken advantage of, thus I will spend more time working on it. Meanwhile, I do ask Kris a favor of optimizing the architecture for Inspire themes. He might integrate Inspire themes with MORPH framework, which is definitely a good news.

Here are screen shots, you may click to enlarge.

Original Image

Original Image

Original Image

As always, you can find the theme files here:

By the way, I tested all the themes in major browsers, even in IE 6. Inspire 6 is XHTML 1.0 and CSS valid. The latest Inspire 3 is also compatible with IE 6.

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