Compound Modeler 2.00

Date 2009/12/9 4:53:33 | Topic: Modules

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Compounds 2.00

Compounds is a module for xoops 2.4. It utilizes some of the new features like decimal and floating point precision numbers to allow your end used to build compounds in XOOPS. A Compound is a combination of chemical periodical movements that allows for building larger chemical soups from.

The idea of this module is to generate a soup kitchen for compounds, see chemists don't have blogs they have what is called a soup and compounds is a component of this for your XOOPS Site. If you would like to see a demonstration of this module goto my wifes site -

The compounds module allows for dynamic building of alloys, cyclonic changes, isolinear particles and other forms of compounds. It has a dynamically assigned system and uses a symbolisation method to define display.

I wrote this module over a few days a week or so ago when I had no internet due to the bill. No chemical resources books or any have been used, the only chemistry book in the house is Simple Plants Isoquinolines by Dr. Alexander Shulgin (Which is about many things including making metal from plants).


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