VJ Mixes 1.20

Date 2009/12/9 4:53:19 | Topic: Modules

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VJ Mixes 1.20

VJ Mixes is a simple module developed for embedded video from online sources, it is a basic and easy to use module for development of an online resource of video's based in category. It is written primarily for XOOPS 2.3 and XOOPS 2.4 but should also work on earlier versions.

This module was developed for Bee Unlimited a popular UK Animated video site. Which is also in the process of moving to new services - But if you want to you can use this module which was written recently over the last couple of days for Gaz from www.bee-unlimited.co.uk.

Download: http://bin.chronolabs.org.au/xoops2.4_vjmixes_1.20.zip

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