WURFL 1.26

Date 2009/12/9 4:53:10 | Topic: Modules

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WURFL 1.26

WURFL is a module that will allow theme designers to implement themes customised for Mobile Computing. WURFL is a XML Database that this module will import and allow for propogation of it resources on User Agent based browsing of mobile phones.

WURFL is a world leader in Mobile communication data and this module utilizes WURFL from sourceforge (see. http://wurfl.sourceforge.net).

This module will propogate data on the <{$wurfl}> smarty tag on array depths, you can set which providers you require for data to conversely populate on the source.

This will allow theme designers and module writters to search for data regarding mobile computing and allow for knowledge in the theme of RSS, CSS, Display Size, Image Types, Sound Fontage, and other data such as SMS and MMS.. As well as information about CHTML or XHTML sources.

Please enjoy this module as I have enjoyed writting it.

Download: http://bin.chronolabs.org.au/xoops2.3_wurfl_1.26.zip

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