YouPlayer Video module

Date 2009/12/3 14:30:00 | Topic: Modules

Today I've completed my first XOOPS module.

The module is supposed to represent on page Bilib videos from Youtube in flash format:

You can similarly integrate it with some embed code, as used by YouTube
or you can use SWFObject
There are 3 variables
- Playlist = place the name of an XML playlist
- autoplay = true or false
- rollover_changing_thumbs = true or false (if the thumbnails to change on roll over)

XML structure:
As you can see, the XML structure very simple
Whenever you want a new YouTube video,
you just need a node named
"Title", a node named "ID" and a node named "Description"

You have here an example:

Description (supports HTML text with CDATA)

All in mylist.xml

so it could show videos to your site when they want and how they want ...

Module in action


Original Image

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