A movie site updated, new style!

Date 2009/11/27 3:10:00 | Topic: YAXS

Hi everybody!
I'm proud to present you my new XOOPS website:
American Film Site

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The site is running on Xoops 2.3.3.
List of used modules:
article 1.0
sitemap 1.27
groups 1.0
tag 2.3
tellafriend 1.05
webshow 0.71
tad_cbox 1.5
dummy 1.0

And today, I brought my personal website:
XOOPS Study Notes

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It is the same running on Xoops 2.3.3.
List of used modules:
xlanguage 3.01
sitemap 1.3
tag 2.3
tellafriend 1.05
wfchannel 2.03
wfresource 1.04
wflinks 1.06
liaise 1.27
news 1.63
xoopscare 1.2

I am a novice, learning XOOPS not a long time, but it is like to XOOPS, and I intend to put up my learning experience with friends to share, so, I conceived this little web site, there are two kinds of Chinese and English language .

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