Instant-Zero releases SimpleContent 1.92

Date 2009/10/25 18:40:00 | Topic: Modules

Instant-Zero has a new version of its content management module for Xoops, SimpleContent.

SimpleContent is a paid module which will enable you to manage easily the content or your website, with several different options.

The module enables you, in addition of the text of your page, to join a file to each page, to attach pictures (with thumbs creation and resizing) and to manage, with high granularity, the links to your other pages and even to add html code to your pages.

With the help of "shortcodes" (some special tags), you can also integrate some specific elements in your text, where you wish.
The module was also designed to help you to enhance your position in the search engines.

This new version, extends the module's functionalities with the addition of a plugins system.

The first plugin will enable you to send a "twit" on Twitter as soon as you will create a new page.
The module uses to create links pointing to your website, this will enable you to get some statistics about the clicks in your twits.

More info at Instant-Zero Website

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