debaser 3 half baked released

Date 2009/10/24 0:00:00 | Topic: Modules

I am quite proud to announce the release of debaser 3 half baked.

Half baked? Inspired from an ancient discussion with me I decided to introduce a new development cycle.

Half baked = Alpha
Half finished = Beta
Abandoned = Final

Due to the half baked status there will be lot of bugs and of course this module is not for production sites. Which features made it into this release:

1) Playlist for MP3 files (public or private)
2) New file manager (experimental)
3) Flash Uploader
4) Much, much jquery
5) Re-organisation of player and filetypes
6) Lame-Support for re-encoding of MP3 files
7) Files could be played in a modal window

Upgrader from 0.92 will be in the half finished release.

Have fun!

Download debaser 3 half baked
Not-up-to-date-documentation (english)
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