NightQuest Software launches!

Date 2009/10/13 13:10:00 | Topic: YAXS

After a while of testing, we're ready to fully launch the NightQuest Software website.

On our site, we're using several techniques we hadn't used before: jQuery (in XOOPS 2.3.3), making it possible to use a lightbox (we've chosen for Slimbox).
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Click here to go to our site!

NightQuest Software is the company we've founded after Acida Software went bankrupt (we blame STRATO for it after blocking our server for suspected abuse (a phising page got somehow uploaded, and we were blocked. We tried to get back online, but we failed). STRATO also blocked our domains and we couldn't move them to another host, which was a reason to use, which got blocked by them later on too!). We strongly discourage people to use STRATO. The support staff doesn't even know what phising means.)

Because of us going bankrupt, we decided to start anew, and we are finally ready with our site. We've chosen again for XOOPS on our site, and we're happy to tell that it's running better than ever!

Our site itself is running on XOOPS 2.3.3, with Oxygen as the admin GUI, and these modules installed (not all are visible or useable as guests though)
- Protector 3.22
- Profile 1.55
- Multimenu 2 2.07
- PM 1
- News 1.63
- Mastop Publish 1.1
- NewBB 3.08
- ForumEx 1.7
- X-Forum 4.11

As theme, we're running Nightquest, which is based on Thailandia theme.
The theme has been modified and has been changed quite a lot to show off our "home-style". We're going to release it somewhere in the future as a free that can be used by anyone.
The background is a design from mjamesno.

The license of the background needs to be respected, therefore the license url: click here.

(Note: the site won't run properly on IE6. I've used LOTS of transparant PNG's. That's why, and also the layout is broken.

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