PurpleCrystal theme for XOOPS 1.0 Alpha Released!

Date 2009/9/27 11:30:00 | Topic: Themes

Release Notes: http://zen.xoops.org.cn/index.php?id=10
Download Page: http://zen.xoops.org.cn/index.php?id=7

This is only an Alpha version. Please fully test the theme before using on your website.

Is there a demo?
Yes. http://zen.xoops.org.cn/portfolio/purplecrystal/
Please note that the demo is not run on XOOPS.

How to install this theme?
Just put it under the theme folder of your XOOPS.

How to customize it?
The images are in editable PNG format. Open it with Fireworks and edit it.

Please report any bugs that you encounter.

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