Formulize 3.11 minor update released

Date 2009/8/12 3:10:00 | Topic: Modules

A few important issues and fixes have trickled in from the users of Formulize 3.1, so we have packaged them up and called it Formulize 3.11.

If you had problems getting 3.1 to save data, it might have been because of your version of MySQL, but we've got a fix for that in 3.11. If you couldn't save options when creating a selectbox or checkbox or radio button, it's because magic quotes is turned on by your web host, but we've got a fix for that too.

There's many other fixes and a few behind-the-scenes improvements in this release. We hope the next announcement we make will be to show off exciting designs for the new admin interface for Formulize 4.

Good luck with your sites and projects,

--The Freeform Solutions Team

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