XP-Weather 1.3 Released

Date 2002/10/18 1:48:56 | Topic: Modules

Hi All,
I have released the next version of Xp-Weather (1.3). This version should work better with dark themes, This is for a-dog The config.php file supports settings for proxy support. If you are behind a poxy you should now be able to fetch the weather feed. UK feeds should be better supported now as well, Some are not updated as frequently as others.
For those stations I am now pulling the extended forcast (TAF) record and using that information in the block. A number of cosmetic bugs have been fixed and a new weather object created that will someday support pulling NOAA feeds. This release also now supports the new longer TWC internal station identifiers as well as WMO ICAO codes.

Thanks to all who tested this release and provided feedback.


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