Date 2009/7/19 16:04:33 | Topic: YAXS

Back to XOOPSdemos, after months of quiet, we have evaluated so that this site could be useful for the community and continue with the same purpose for which they had been created. At first XOOPSdemos contained the interesting addition of 115 modules installed under XOOPS 2.3.2, several of these, a little outdated but functional, leading to the attack site and its subsequent closure.
The new idea is to concentrate and proposal made under XOOPS sites, names, links and most importantly, highlight the modules used. In this way, the user can see what the most popular module, which are used and that it may be beneficial for your project.

This is just the beginning, we hope that is an interesting idea and of course, we need your help to upload information.

We wait!

Thank you all!


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