Lawsuit 1.06 (RC)

Date 2009/7/3 7:20:00 | Topic: Modules

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Lawsuit is an module for XOOPS that allows for categories and pages to be create with associated forms. The forms are

completely customisable and offer a method of display data in pertinence to any legal issue and collect data for an inquiry or

application to a law firm, lawyer or solicitors service so they can ask unique question to do with the case.

You can have as many forms and pages as well as categories as the database supports. Each page can have a customised form

associated with it where you can retrieve related information to do with the presentation of the case or issue you are seeking

clients on for legal representation.

There are other application for this module which can be easily cloned or change to suit other forms of paginated liaise within

your xoops site.

This is the beta release so please test and report any errors you are having.

Download: (96 Kb)
Mirror: Live Skydriver

Changes Notes
* Function.php Repaired
* Installer Fixed

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