TDM (team developement module)

Date 2009/6/28 17:10:00 | Topic: Modules

You may already have heard, the team TDM (team developement module) creates its website.

Our team is composed of three persons: Mage, Kraven and Venom who engage in the creation of modules for Xoops with some free modules and modules at lower cost provided with good support and annual updates. Of course, the existing modules as Catads or MPmanager be free and provided with support and updates.

To conclude our brief introduction, here are some of our modules or download on our beta site..

Modules for free download:

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TDMSpot 1.0 (bêta test):

- Management Module via Ajax blocks, creates a plugin to display a navigation page that automatically includes your blocks in your content current.
Free download.

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MpManager 2.75:

- MP Manager module management messages.

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Catads 1.52:

- This module allows you to manage and publish classified ads on your site.
Free download.

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MyDownload (modifier par Mage) 1,82:

-The best management module file ever made.
Free download.

Professional Modules:

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TDMTicket 1.0:

- Creation module tickets ticketing. It is intended for organizations who can not afford to do ticket by a ticket printer. Simply give an example of a ticket, and its dimensions.
Available for sale: 20€

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TDMSound 1.0:

- Audio management module. This module integrates an Ajax listening, voting and playlists.
Available for sale: 40€

Modules in Development:

Video Management Module
In the demo site.

Your new management module private message module managed by ajax.
In the demo site.

That's the beginning we remain at your disposal for any idea of creating a module.
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