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Date 2009/6/10 17:30:00 | Topic: Themes

after a long absence, I'm happy to share with you my new theme : myxoops
it's a hack for the "default theme" of XOOPS 2.3.3

Below, a short description of major modifications I did to the default theme :

- switcher color between 4 colors : red , blue (the default), green and purple
- login area
- Horizontal menu instead the "hbar" under the header
- removed the legend from the block centers
- changed the font to tahoma
- changed the main menu look
- added a new block between the leftblock and the center one (it will be useful for huge websites that requires lot of blocks)

I tried to make these changes with the munimum pictures to be easy changed from css without photoshop or any other photo editor.

My goal is to make the default theme full of useful features, easy editable; nice look and friendly use.


Hope you will like it
your comments and suggestions are moste appreciate

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