Win64 another take on Vista_K

Date 2009/6/3 23:50:00 | Topic: Themes

Win64 is a 3 columns fixed width theme for XOOPS which is actually another take on the Vista_K theme i did a while back.

Completely recoded, theme was done with modern browsers in mind meaning that it won't display correctly on IE6 or older, has been tested on IE7 and 8, Firefox(windows and mac), Safari (mac).
Original Image
The small windows logo under the header actually functions a bit like the start button in Windows where here opens a login box for non-users and a user menu for registered users.

Thanks to trabis who pointed in the right direction with a bit of coding which made theme is also available for XOOPS users

Theme can be downloaded here

Theme can be viewed live here

HTML version along with the PSD is also available here

PS. ironically although its a Windows inspired was built on a Mac (go figure )

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