Upgrades with Instant-Zero

Date 2009/5/4 4:20:00 | Topic: YAXS

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As most of you know, has been using Xoops exclusively since 2004.

Since then we have been steadily upgrading and customizing. In the past few months, we have partnered with Instant-Zero to meet some demanding enhancements to current modules, as well as "built from scratch" modules.

We are currently proud of two significant upgrades to our site.

First, is a major spotlight enhancement of the standard News module. It allows for very sophisticated article layouts, including "most-recent" and "random" displays, with auto-sizing image tags.

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Also we have finished implementation of a new BuyersGuide module. This module allows manufacturers/advertisers to list products using a customized e-commerce back-end that is integrated with Xoops user groups.

We have greatly enjoyed our relationship with Herve' at Instant-Zero and hope for a long partnership!

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