Fresh Innovations in a new two-columns XOOPS Theme

Date 2009/5/2 6:10:00 | Topic: Themes

Thank you so much for the token of appreciation of my modest contribution in XOOPS Community!
It is nice that there are young charming ladies (Gesine Max) in this community, who wish to be engaged in XOOPS Innovations.
My answer, as always, is very simple - "Do not ask, what XOOPS can do for you. Wonder, what you can do for XOOPS".
Following this rule, here is my new two-columns collection for XOOPS under the conditional name "Japan" (ixt018).
ixt018_01 XOOPS theme
From this collection you can look the first theme (ixt018_01) on a demo site of IXThemes Project. I hope you will notice in this theme "WOW!" effect which I try to use in the themes.
You also can download ixt018_01 release 1.2.
I wish all good luck, Alexander

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