New Module: Currency Converter

Date 2009/3/22 15:30:00 | Topic: Modules

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This module will convert any currency using a live, updated output feed from Yahoo! Finance.

Very useful for any site with e.g. a donation module or a webshop without automatic currency convertion.

The module comes with a block and language files.
Also comes with a useful popup window to keep the tool open when surfing your pruducts.

Currently added languages:

# English
# Norwegian

Install as a normal module.

If you want to change the 'From' and 'To' Values, open currencyconverter.php and find:

<option selected value="USD">U.SDollar (USD)</option>

Move the word 'selected' to your preferred 'From' currency

Then find:

<option selected value="EUR">Euro (EUR)</option>

Move the word 'selected' to your preferred 'To' currency

Do the same for currencyconverter2.php as this one is used by the popup window.

Demo1 ---***---Demo2 - Integration in price list ---***---Download

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