Hack "splash screen"

Date 2009/2/23 20:20:00 | Topic: Hacks

Hello everybody,

This is a hack to display a splash home page "html". It is displayed one time by session or parametrable a during time.

With this page your site is preloaded in backgroung, and it's Quickly display, and keep the initial destination.

The installation is very simple:

1)copy the folder "splash" to your site root.

2)paste this code just before the head balise in your theme.html

<!-- Page d'accueil Splash, home Splash page-->
<script type="text/javascript" src="<{xoAppUrl /splash/splashpage.js}>"></SCRIPT>
<!-- FIN Page d'
accueil Splashend of home Splash page -->

3)go to your website, the splash page is ok.

all parameters is on /splash/splashpage.js.

DEMO : http://www.edrfco.fr/modules/extgallery/

DOWNLOAD : http://www.marcetmaud.fr/modules/mydownloads/viewcat.php?cid=2

This script is tested and compatible with ie7 & firefox


Ps : excuse me but my english is very bad.

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