eXtGallery 1.0.5 is out

Date 2008/12/30 0:30:00 | Topic: Modules

Zoullou has just released a new version of eXtGallery. From his Website:

After few month without news about eXtGallery I release the 1.0.5 version of the module. They are few bug fix and very cool new feature like Online module update and a JavaScript slideshow for block and album. You could find below complete changelog.

This version works only on XOOPS 2.3

In the package, you could find added lang variable on the changelog file. Test the module, make language pack for your country and send it to me, I will add it on SourceForge to allow all your country user easy find language pack for this module.

Thanks to tester and translator

You could find the 1.0.5 package on SourceForge

Changelog :

2008/17/12: Version 1.0.5

- Fix bug : XOOPS version checker on index admin page don't work with XOOPS 2.3.x
- Fix bug : cannot redeclare adminmenu() when XoopsInfo or ThAdmin is installed
- Fix bug : Category not visible after upgrading to eXtGallery 1.0.4 or upper
- Add Slideshow for album pages
=> Mootools 1.2 must be available on woll site
=> Slideshow don't work if cache is activated on Slideshow block or Slideshow album pages
- Add a feature to make a module update just by clicking on module admin side. The server will download, install files and update the module.
- Add extention to use Hook hack. This extention is inegrated to XOOPS editor
- Add a feature to rebuild thumb

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