Olédrion, the e-Commerce module for Xoops by Instant Zero, version 2.0

Date 2008/12/25 1:30:00 | Topic: Modules

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For Christmas, we are happy to make you a gift, a new major version of our Xoops e-Commerce module, Olédrion.
This new version, labeled 2.0, brings many bugs corrections but was also deeply modified to be able to run with several payment gateways (like Paypal).
By default this new version is delivered with Paypal but soon, you will be able to buy some new payment gateways.

- It was not possible to see a product if you did not defined a VAT - philou
- When you duplicate a product you are now redirected to the product - philou
- It was not possible to see the list of all products when you were not using the price field - philou
- Bug correction in the categories list (categories were duplicated) - philou
- There was a bug, still in the categories list, when you was not using the price field - philou
- Correction on the product's page (product.php) and in the page used to rate a product (rate-product.php),
it was not possible to vote for products - blueteen
- There were many changes in the translations (see lang.diff)
There is a new file to translate here : /xoops/modules/admin/gateways/paypal/language/mylanguage/main.php
- Bug correction in the reductions when prices was not used - philou
- Bug correction in the cart when a product was removed but still present in a user's cart - philou
- Some templates were modified so you need to update them
- Addition of a new table in the database to manage gateways options
- Addition of a new field (cmd_comment) in the "oledrion_commands" table
- In the module's administration, and in the part used to manage the products, the products list was changed,
you can now filter products
- The templates used to send emails were changed (command_shop.tpl, command_shop_verified.tpl, command_shop_fraud.tpl, command_shop_pending.tpl, command_shop_failed.tpl, command_shop_cancel.tpl)
I have added {COMMENT}
- The file config.php was changed
- The module was deeply modified to be able to use other payment gateways (that's why the module's version was changed to a major one)

You can download Olédrion here :
http://xoops.instant-zero.com/modules ... ry/product.php?prod_id=10

Many translations were added to the module.
Now you can make e-Commerce on your Xoops site in 9 languages:
English, French, Arabic, Brazilian, Czech, German, Italian, Persian & Spanish
http://xoops.instant-zero.com/modules ... nloads/viewcat.php?cid=17

If you have a translation for your own language, contact us to share it.

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http://xoops.instant-zero.com/modules ... wsletter/subscription.php

How to upgrade
- Download the module, unzip its files, upload the new files to your site and be sure to erase the current files
- Then, you must update the module in the Xoops modules manager
- After, you must go at least one time in the module's administration (to create a new table in the database)
- Because of some changes in the module's preferences, you must revalidate at least one time the module's prefences
- Finally, you must go in the module's administration and in the "gateway" tab, select Paypal and set its preferences

We wish you a merry Christmas,
Instant Zero

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