ShoutBox v4.05 Release Now Available by CVD

Date 2008/12/14 16:10:00 | Topic: Modules

This release by Custom Virtual Designs focuses on issues raised by user feedback. Thanks to the help of "blueteen" we have incorporated some javascript code that permits all clickable URL's to generate a new window when selected. All hard-coded text has been eliminated so everything now resides in the language files. Text sanitizing has been improved so that extra slashes no longer appear when magic quotes enabled. We also added extra comments in the module style sheet to make it easier for users to customize appearance.

We have made changes to eliminate extra line feeds messing up the message display when storage type set to File but the extra line feeds are removed when messages are displayed. This is only an issue when multi-line text entry area is used. The code appears to ignore carriage return/line feed characters when messages are displayed unless wordwrap is employed. We will continue looking into this but it is a very minor issue.

We are now locking down the features and language files in preparation for the official release of ShoutBox v4.1 so if you would like to provide a language translation we will include it in the official release.

Download is available in the module repository under Communications or visit Custom Virtual Designs ShoutBox v4.05 Download

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