SimplyWiki 1.0 (a.k.a. Wiwimod 0.8.3+) Final Released

Date 2008/12/7 7:40:00 | Topic: Modules

The long-awaited updated release of Wiwimod 0.8.3 has arrived and is released as SimplyWiki 1.0 Final.

This module is a native wiki for XOOPS-based sites, offering wiki simplicity with support for WYSIWYG editors. The focus of this release was to make the module easier to use in a variety of XOOPS sites, more stable and more secure -

* All date formats are drawn from language/<your-language>/global.php, keeping date formats consistent with the rest of your site
* All text has been converted to language constants, eliminating hard-coded messages and making translation easier
* The blocksadmin area has been updated to work with current versions of XOOPS
* The module's directory can be renamed to any acceptable directory name
* Support for right-to-left languages is built in

Read the changelog included in the download packages for more details.


* Download and unpack the module
* Upload the wiwimod folder to your modules folder (overwriting existing files, if Wiwimod was previously installed)
* Go to the module administration area and install the module, or update the module, if previously installed
* Enjoy!

What the Future Holds

More is in store for the future of SimplyWiki - work has already started to improve the database structure, increasing performance and flexibility. More options for blocks will also be added - most viewed, oldest/newest pages, shortest/longest pages, pages by the same author, sibling pages (pages with the same parent) and child pages are just some of the features already being worked on.

Download SimplyWiki

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