DayDawn Online runs new site + something for the XOOPS community!

Date 2008/12/6 23:30:00 | Topic: YAXS

Yesterday, we moved to a new host (because our old one, Lycos Europe, stops), and we have chosen again for XOOPS.

We didn't transfer our database and all of our files of our old host though, because there were a lot of older files and other stuff on our former host that were outdated and we didn't use anymore (we had an older install of WordPress and some modules we didn't use anymore), and we wanted a fresh start.

Since Lycos is crowded with requests for domain transfers, we decided to order 2 new domains with our new host, which are and Our old domain now links to our new site.

Our new site runs XOOPS 2.3.2, and uses following modules:
@ Mastop Publish 1.1
@ CBB 3.08
@ News 1.63
@ SmartFAQ 1.08
@ and all the normal XOOPS 2.3 modules.

We use the theme xd_moments (a bit modified) to make it look nice and a bit more DDO-like :)

We also have news for the XOOPS community!
Since the XOOPS community has always been there for us, and has done so much for us, we want to do something back, and we don't have too much money, but we try our best! We have already released Phoenix and Lagoon (themes).
But there is more, as we will open up the pre-registration for the game somewhere in the future, and every XOOPS user/visitor is invited to join the first tests! This is our gift to the XOOPS community!
We expect to open up the pre-registration in February, and we will post the news here (if we are allowed to, ofcourse) and we also have better news!

A special series of branded quests will be added to DayDawn Online, and these special quests will all be about XOOPS, making it the first branded quests in our game! (and this is a permanent add) - and any XOOPS user will be able to get a special weapon, armor and shield for use in the game :) (Like a XOOPS shield?:p)

If you have any questions about the game, please feel free to visit us on

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