X-Center 1.10 [FC]

Date 2008/11/16 4:20:00 | Topic: Modules

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Recently on an install of www.mydea.info it was noticed that something is unsantizing your environment, this is when you recieve error messages for systems that do not even exist in the process being done by the internet or coming to you from your DSL.

MYDEA (Media) Empowerment is a site by a collegue and friend Roy Smith, this was being worked on during the con-current processes I have found myself in my software development base.

This FC is in caution to you as it was repaired from what desantized your insanziation of the software in your own hosting provider, but remember you have the exact same copy that I am running, and yes I do zip them at the hosting local, for some reason also in this I have the old logo appear that was never even put on the internet..

The X-Center is and will remain quiet popular as I have had many enquires about the content module so I have revamped it and released it to you.

My Development Scedule after I have been released, will be the follow process:


* X-Torrent (Final Offical)
* X-Center (Final Official)
* X-Forum (Official with new look and feel)


* xoops2_xcenter_1.10-fc.zip

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